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Universus CSEI

Universus is a non-profit University Consortium which, since 1975, has acted as a flexible and proactive link between the University sector (with its scientific and research strengths) and the fields of industry and the service sector in the fast-developing UE Region. Universus include: University of Bari, Bari Polytechnic, University of Salento and Banca Popolare di Bari. Founded with the aim of combining and developing the relationship between the technical and managerial spheres, the consortium enjoys a unique and accredited vantage-point within the framework of global and local training, delivering a range of training solutions in diverse areas such as: Health Management, Energy and the Environment, Construction and Planning, Cultural Heritage, ICT and Information Services, Cutting-edge Technologies (Installation, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, Mechatronics), Agri-business.

Universus-CSEI operates in three main areas: Training, Job guidance, Innovation Services. The Universus International Unit consolidates, as part of a wider innovation and development strategy, the role of the organization in activating “complex and sustainable development and learning processes on an international level”. This sees Universus as a point of reference in terms of supporting the creation of new tools, methodologies, skills and concrete indicators and models for local and regional economic development. The Consortium maintains relations with a network of foreign partners with the objective of exchanging best practice, exchanging knowledge at a European level and forging partnerships between centres of excellence, especially in the fields of training, management and engineering. This sees the Unit involved in a range of project initiatives and international cooperation programmes aimed at sustainable local development, increasing regional competitiveness and technical skills, facilitating internationalization and participation in thematic learning networks. For more than a decade, Universus has worked alongside a consolidated network of HE institutions, training organisations and businesses with the Mediterranean area and Europe. Universus has participated in a range of European programmes (SOCRATES, ADAPT, LEONARDO, GRUNDTVIG, ALTENER, SAVE, EQUAL, INTERREG III C, INTERREG IIIA; NPP Italy-Albania – INTERREG/CARDS, SEE etc.) The Consortium also participates in prestigious European Networks such as IACEE, SEFI, CEEMAN, PASCAL, UNIMED.

Universus will contribute to WP4 “Development of the training sessions”. In particular, Universus will be involved in Module 3: PCM- fundraising (grant sources,  financial management and accounting) together with ERFC. Universus will also partecipate in WP6 “Evaluation & Dissemination (including exploitation)” with the creation of the Project logo.

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