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Selena Italy APS

Selena Italy APS is a newly established Association for the Social Promotion of women’s businesses, designed and created by 9 female entrepreneurs with well-established personal, professional and social experiences. Main aims of SELENA Italy are promoting women’s entrepreneurship at national and international level, increasing the visibility of women’s enterprises on the European scene and also searching for improvements or changes in EU policies in the field of innovation, education, access to finance, policies and networks.

Selena Italy can offer the great experience of its founder members in the fields of entrepreneurship and SMEs training, competitiveness, job market and job profiles, mentoring and coaching, development of competences and skills. Selena Italy operates on 4 macro-areas of intervention: Training and Capacity-building, Development and Innovation, Communication and Marketing and Internationalization.Selena Italy is member of the international networks WEP – Women Entrepreneurship Platform, based in Brussels, and in AFAEMME.

Selena Italy’s main role in REAL is the development of training modules for young entrepreneurs in WP3, that will be published as online modules. Selena will also host a project meeting in Tuscany in October 2016, and is involved in analysis and dissemination activities of the project.

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