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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sabadell

The Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell is a public-law corporation that represents the general interests of commerce and industry in the territorial area of Sabadell. (20km. North from Barcelona). The Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell is the second Chamber of Catalonia in budget.

The Chamber Of Commerce of Sabadell influent area includes 12 cities / towns and 35.000 enterprises.  All the activities carried out by the Chamber of Commerce are perfomed with the objective of contributing to the economic development of our area and the development significant growth of the companies based in its hinterland, channeling all industrial and commercial concerns and promoting the general interests of these companies. These objectives materialize in the form of the support services as for example:  lobby, business information, business oriented education, innovation and industrial competitively and foreign trade and international relations

The Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell’s main role in the project will be to collect all the information materials and training tools in a DVD and an e-book to be published on the website. Moreover, It will be responsible for dissemination activities of the project and It will be also involved in translate surveys in Catalan/Spanish/ and collecting them from the companies and students.

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