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Helping unemployed people to integrate into the labor market by becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own work place.

Detailed Description REAL Project

Youth unemployment is a global problem and the social, political and economic costs of a continued crisis will be extreme.

As unemployment rate is increasing with a high acceleration recently in all over the world and especially in Europe, we want to assist unemployed young people  by enhancing their entrepreneurship skills and competencies to fight economic-crisis by becoming entrepreneurs.

Our project  will take place during two years and it involves 10 institutions from 8 European countries.  The trainers in participating institutions will focus on inter-disciplinary subjects such as engineering, economics, administration, fine arts and etc.

The consortium will create new ideas of job and investment and suggest new models on interdisciplinary sustainable entrepreneurship. The graduates from these fields will benefit from the REAL project by realizing innovative and applicable entrepreneurship models by means of e-learning portal.


Improving the key competences and skills of unemployed youth  with particular regard to young peoples’ relevance for the labor market. 

The objectives of REAL project:

The main goal of the REAL project is to help unemployed people to integrate into the labor market by becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own work place.

More specifically: 

  • Supporting participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market
  • Fostering quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalization at the level of participating education and training institutions, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation
  • Promoting entrepreneurship education to develop active citizenship, employability and new-business creation
  • Increasing participation in learning and employability between education and training providers and other stakeholders
  • Developing the basic competencies of target group
  • Developing the university – industry and labor market relations
  • Developing inter-disciplinary and international cooperation of the organizations from different sectors

Strategic Framework

The EU Programmes, Strategies & Action Plans relevant to the priorities of the REAL Project

Relevance with REAL Project:


European Strategy 2020:

The project aims at supporting graduate students who are unemployed due to the current economic crisis, in enhancing their professional profile in order to be integrated in the labor market by training them about entrepreneurship by means of courses, seminars, workshops and etc. Additionally surveys will be conducted, to determine the needs of the labor market and the unemployed adults. The trainees will be trained according to these needs and they will be qualified.  As a result of the project the target group will have their own jobs or find other relevant jobs. So by promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing youth employment this project is in line with the European strategy 2020 aimed at developing smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan:

According to this strategy which has indicated the goal of achieving the 75% rate of employed people (age 20-64) by 2020, Furthermore, the project contributes directly to the “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.”


Within the project activities more attractive training programs and ICT based methodologies will be used. Online training tools will be in linguistic diversity and translated into the language of participating countries. We will create the synergy with the organizations from different sectors. These issues directly deal with Erasmus+.

Real Project Partnership


Each one of the partners included within REAL’s consortium is being choosed according to their long-lasting experience in implementing similar actions, activities and Projects within the European Union’s spectrum. 




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